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All the commands requires the permission customspawns.admin

Creating a spawn

Use /ccustomspawns create <name> to create a new spawn. Now you can add IPs, actions and locations to this spawn. You can add unlimited location for a spawn in CCustomSpawns. The plugin will teleport a random location. Spawn locations (not spawns) has their own actions. Spawns (not spawn locations) can have their own permission. You can edit everything in-game. But if you edit something from the file, you need to use /ccustomspawns reload You don't have to add an IP to a spawn, its just a feature. If you don't add any IPs to a spawn it will be the default spawn.

Editing a spawn

Use /ccustomspawns edit <name> to edit the specified spawn. Or just click the message. It will open a GUI for you, you can edit everything in this GUI. Like editing IPs, actions, permission and locations.

Deleting a spawn

If you want to delete a whole spawn and not a location of a spawn, use /ccustomspawns delete <name> to delete a spawn. If you want to delete a spawn location and not a whole spawn, use /ccustomspawns edit <name> and click the enderpearl and then middleclick to the location you want to delete.