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Configuration Wiki

Only the settings that is not clear in the field's comments will be explained in this page. For other information, join our discord!
Default config file can be found in here.
Settings.collect-player-drops # Should we collector player drops?
Settings.only-the-owner-can-place # If enabled, only the owner of the creator can place it. (buyer)
Settings.allow-coops-to-manage # If enabled, coops can manage collectors. (Trusts, Coops, etc.)
Settings.database.type # YAML, MySQL, MongoDB. You can choose the type you want.
Settings.database.connection-string # Only used for MongoDB connections.
Settings.enabled-worlds # In the worlds that is not listed in here, collectors wont collect and they can not be placed in disabled world.
Entities.<name>.head # Texture of the collector's skull. You can find skulls in this website.
Do you have any other questions? Feel free to ask them in our discord!