Why CDropCollector?

Just a few reasons to choose CDropCollector.
  • CDropCollector doesn't require any plugin to run.
  • You can configure literally everything. You can even choose between hooks.
  • We support over 20 plugins.
  • We support 1.8 - 1.19.
  • We support over 8 region management (aka anti-grief) plugins!
  • We support over 3 database types! (YAML, MySQL, MongoDB)
  • We support 2 economy systems, Vault and PlayerPoints.
  • We support Stacker plugins! RoseStacker, UltimateStacker, WildStacker and zItemStacker.
  • We hook into your shop plugin and get the item values from them.
  • We support unlimited collector types! This means you can create a collector for every item!
  • We use MiniMessage as our component parser.
  • Low resource usage, created to be the best.
  • Auto Sell, if enabled the collector will empty the storage when it is full.
  • Auto Kill, if enabled the plugin will kill the spawned mobs.
  • Auto Harvest, if enabled the plugin will harvest the fully grown crops.
  • Buy command. You can let players to buy collectors.
  • Enable and disable your collector anytime.
  • Upgrade system.
  • GUI System.
  • Developer API.
  • And most importantly, you will get updates and support for lifetime.
Have an idea? Feel free to suggest new features from our discord!